On Schedules, Poems, and Time

Dear friends, after three years, the Fort Knight’s Tale schedule is changing.

The schedule for Fort Knight’s Tale has remained the same since it’s conception – a poem every Monday, and a short story every other Thursday. As long term followers of the site will know, I haven’t always stuck to this schedule.

There’s many a reason for this; some of them good, some less so. But ultimately, it boils down to time. Fort Knight’s Tale is a free website, with no ads and no paywalls of any sort. The only thing you can put money into on the site is my book (which you should probably buy; all the cool kids are doing it. You can read more about it here.), however this means when the opportunity to make money has come up, I have had less time to work on the site.

I’m still writing during these times though. Writing is in my blood – it will take a lot more than a long day of work to stop me putting pen to paper, or in my case finger to keyboard, but time is still a factor

I originally set the schedule of a poem every week because I wanted to improve my poetry, and I was writing a huge amount of poetry at the time anyway. These days I have fallen into a more comfortable rhythm of writing poetry and prose, which Fort Knight’s Tale no longer reflects. Poems may be shorter than stories, but they still take a surprising amount of time to write. This isn’t to say I’ve finished learning, of course – you’ll not find any creative who is ever completely happy with their work, nor will you find anyone who is ever done learning.

Thus, the new schedule will better reflect my time and writing habits, and will also perhaps play better to the very name of this site. There will still be a short story every other Thursday (and I’ve now set up quite a large buffer to ensure this remains the case.) and, instead of a new poem every Monday, there will instead be a poem every alternating Thursday as well.

Thus, Thursday will be the day to check the site each week. Each Thursday there will either be a new poem or a new short story; but either way there will always be something on a Thursday.

Thanks friends. I have a lot of exciting things in the works I look forward to sharing with you, but for now – I’ll see you on Thursday!