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This is a slightly different story! The intended way to read it is via the image below, however if you can’t read from the image or use a screenreader, the text of the story is included below. The general conceit is the story is told via a Facebook post and comment chain.

Ash has updated their status: “OK look don’t laugh but I’m trapped in my bathroom. Is anyone nearby able to help?”


…How? Just how?

I’d love to help, but I’m in France for the next three weeks, lol!

“Look I don’t know. I locked the door weird or something, it won’t open.”

Kick the door down?


“Tried kicking it down, no dice. The frame is on the other side, and its old solid construction. No way can I kick it down.”

What people don’t realise is this has happened three times this year. The difference is I’m at a conference til Tuesday and can’t come to the rescue.

“C’mon Cathy, don’t. Just tell me how you fixed it the last couple times, you just came along and it opened like magic. Please help me.”

“Don’t make me tell everyone the donkey/sombrero story.”

I was writing out what you needed to do but screw you! Tell the story, I don’t care!

Don’t Ash, c’mon friend.

Tell the story! Tell the story!

Whatever it is, Cathy deserves her privacy. Don’t, Ash.

Oh my god is the sombrero story finally coming out? Hell yes.

Man now I want to know too…

Sorry Cathy. Tell the story!

“Have you dunderheads forgotten I’m still trapped in the bathroom? Someone come get me out of here!”

Dude you live in the middle of nowhere, no way.

Don’t you keep your door locked, anyway? No-one will even be able to get to you to help.


“The window doesn’t open far enough. Could break it, I guess, but there’s nothing hard enough to do it in here, so I’d have to hit it myself…”


Hey Ashy Happy Birthday For Last Feb, Love Aunty Rain.

Do not break my window, Ash. For god’s sake.

“Then tell me how to get out!”

Ffs. Fine. You said the frame is on the outside, right? You know what that means?

“That I can’t kick the door? I already figured that out. Btw I don’t think we’re getting our security deposit back.”

I gave up on our deposit after your brilliant “milk shower” idea. And the sombrero incident.

Omg. How are you this dense, Ash. The door opens inwards. How do you keep forgetting that; we moved a year ago. You should have figured the doors go the other way in our new place by now.

“…Thanks Cathy.”

“OK, I’m out everyone. Nothing else to see here. Cathy how do I delete this?”