Over the last few months, in my local area, there has been a strong and passionate protest against a fracking operation. While my personal opinion on the matter is long and unfitting here, I have for the most part stayed out of the debate entirely. That said, seeing the protest in full swing is certainly an inspiring subject, and here we are.

My friends, you must listen now to me.
We have sat too long, with nothing done,
so hear my words, just hear this plea,
Stand up, for this is a call to action!

Where once we roamed and tilled the land,
they now bury under pretty words and lies
So let them know this treachery will not stand,
shout out, and make them hear our cries.

Corporate pen pushing takes our time,
and their greed takes our bodies in hand
Digital delicacies drive down our minds,
We are all but lost, if they take away our land.

Dig away my heart, cut through whatever’s left,
and flood my mind with sugar coated secret words
flood our land with poison laced nothings, and infest
the local pockets, from the coffers of false lords.

Listen quick, they know me, and soon my signal dies,
Standing alone we fall, but strong remains our faction.
Save our land and souls, ignore their perfect lies
take a stand my friends, for this is a call to action!