Last night, we danced to the music of the world,
we spun and sung and laughed and flew,
and now I lie awake, a sleepless fire burns;
A night to remember steals the nights to forget.

I took her hand, and we spun across the floor,
the music changed, a brief interlude left us
separated, yet we still danced the dance.
I spun across my bed, and felt no new comfort there.

We sung and yelled, calling across the night,
the voices of the others greeted us in kind.
For one night I had a voice, lost to me now.
I call out into my empty, soulless house.

When the band tired, we retired to the side,
and there we learnt our stories, and we laughed
and perhaps, we briefly cried. For we both knew.
My burning synapses mock my sleepless torment.

The music began again, and to the floor we flew,
hand in hand and arm in arm, we had no need
to touch the ground or escape the sky.
There are no stars to escape to, outside my window.

I spun her, and in return my mind was spun,
We sang together, calling across the night,
We mocked the tender peace in the chill wind,
before flying through the dance to greet it.
This house is empty, but my sleepless mind burns on.