A terrible accident, half a decade gone,
left my body broken but my mind remained
But then the white coats glanced upon
my hard earned riches. Suddenly, I could be saved.

My body burned, my flesh a cinder, nothing remained
of the body I once wore. Flesh replaced,
new age plastics took their place.
I could feel before, but can I now?

My eyes, my ears, my nose and mouth,
no sense to feel the world that
once I scorned and then I missed so dearly.
A camera somehow took their place.

Heart and lungs, bones and all,
a metal structure, and the rest.
I walk in sorry scaffolding,
holding up action figure flesh.

So every atom, every piece of me,
is metal, plastic and lifeless wire.
In this this poor facsimile of man,
where can they put a prosthetic soul?