We are the honoured, and you shall let us pass
You will not hold us back and you will
not take our last. We are the honoured,
and you, the once gods, cannot rule us.

We are the honoured, and while you remained
within stone walls and warm buildings, we
marched so your feet would not ache. We
took to the fields of battle and there,

we were the honoured. While you ate fine
breads and dead beasts, we cut down those
who would not flinch to cut you down now.
We killed innocent men, and for that,

we were honoured. While you sent young
boys and old fathers to war, we held off
the women, and those you deemed feeble.
You did not see them, these women and children;

they fought with honour. You had us cut down
our own, and when you realised your sins
you told us to cut ourselves down. But we do
not bow to you, the false gods. You see now

they are the honoured. They fought for
their lives while we fought for yours. They struck
true while we struck the pure; for that
you, the revered are struck with our blame.

We are the honoured, and you shall let us pass,
we will not be held here and this shall be the last
warning you receive. You trained us with dishonour,
and now our blades will find free air, or your hearts.