I went to a dance, seems like just yesterday,
I sat at the side, I considered to play
young men and women, and old alike
danced, sung, and fell through the night.

I saw an old man, as he also saw me
we both watched the dancing folly
and in his eyes I saw no lost love,
nor love found. This man was the

loneliest of beasts, alone at his last.
I felt sorrow for him then, I also
felt shame, knowing his shy nature
and footsteps would also be mine.

I danced an almost dance with many
a girl that night, dancing and stumbling
our best. I saw her, as the song ended,
the girl who danced only with love, was alone.

A shy mind and timid heart almost
held me from its own, but breaking free
I pursued her, through the throngs of
fools, revelling in their mistakes.

She disappeared, lost in the madness of
crowds. I searched for what felt like an age,
but took only a moment. I saw her as the
next song began, and abandoned heart and

mind were broken. She, the girl who danced
for love, had a compassionate heart,
and there she danced, with the lonely
old man, who had never danced his dance.

And now I return, to this dancing hall. I am
now the lonely old man. No love in my heart
or partner to dance, I only pray the young girl
will be filled with compassion, and dance with
a lonely old man.