I took a walk, no places to be.
And as I stepped, a drop of rain,
did fall upon my shoulder. But soon
was joined, by a million and more.

And in the evening rain, I said
“I shall not be restrained by this,
this shower in the dusk.” And so,
I took a walk, in the evening rain.

And in this dusk shower, I spied
A sodden dusky girl, running from the sky.
As she passed, I held out a coat in hand,
and with a smile, we walked the lane.

I took a walk, no fear of evening showers,
such good omens hold no fear to me.
Five years before, I’d met my wife,
running away in the evening rain.

After the noon day sun was faded,
I walked my child home. At least,
I walked home a man, whom I could swear
was once the product of the evening rain.

And as it rained, he said to me;
“Father, we must hurry home,
The rain is no place for an old man
nor is it the place for me”

I could not help but laugh, which
only confused him more. I explained,
“The rain is where I met my wife!
In a so called dreary morning,

I took a walk, no places to be.
I spied a dusky girl, your mother, boy.
And yet you claim to abhor this rain,
to abhor the thing that brought you life?”

And in the evening rain, years later
I took a walk again. But in this rain,
I fell. And the shower that once gave
me my life, took it back again.