Never fall in love with your therapist.
It seems that they care, that they know you,
that they understand you better than anyone.
You’re paying for that lie.

Feed both wolves.
They’ll tell you to feed the peaceful one,
and that the starving anger will die.
It never dies, so better to know it.

Learn to lie, then never do it.
They’re right when they say lies beget lies,
and those webs will cause no end of woe.
But one day, you’ll need that skill you’ve condemned.

Drink the juice.
Trust me, it’s easier to follow
than to get out the way.
On that note, be ready to betray them.

Don’t always listen.
But don’t be deaf to them, either.
I’m in love with my therapist, again.
Be ready to learn, and to ignore.

This one is the hardest,
It’s so easy to forget.
but trust me, it’s worth it.