Welcome, welcome. You must be so confused.
Come on in, shake off the dirt and memory,
here, I’ll get you a shawl and some cocoa,
and I’ll introduce you to the other Lost and Found.

This little lass has been with us a fair shake now,
she washed up on the shore of circumstance,
and now she’s the darnedest cook. Just look,
she can whip up forgets and regrets in a twinkling.

Me? I’m just the custodian. Cursed by occasional maturity.
This here lad’s been with us an age and a half!
Rode in from a nightmare, brought some baggage
but he’s a good lad. He’ll sleep again one day.

Come this way, I’ll show you to your room now.
That was quite the mighty storm you rode in,
you must be quite the storied dreamer, aye?
I’m sure we’ll hear about it anon.

How long’ve we been running? No clue, my dear.
I’ve been here a fair while, but this place is older still.
I’ve lingered enough to go from resident to custodian,
but this place predates our ilk.