Let me tell you, dear ally
of the people we’ve betrayed.
Write them down, remember,
all the deals we made.

For every hand I’ve shaken,
for every shackle and tether,
write them down for me,
keep them in your ledger.

I’ll be Blunt my friend,
I fear for our company.
The outcry damns us all;
we can no longer sell the sea.

So run, dear Knight, run!
Through France on to Brussels,
they’ll imprison you, briefly.
Sorry for the hassle.

But in safe hands, is the ledger,
the record of our crime.
With stolen money, be released,
thank you for your time.

Twenty years, nought of Knight.
And here you are, yet stronger.
We’ve flown and fallen, finally
the South Seas Company no longer.