Oh, hi, hi there. Welcome to the anchor farm.

You’re just here to look around? No problem. Mind if I join you? It’s been a slow day.

So, yeah, we sell all sorts here. All shapes and sizes, for whatever you need.

Oh, yes they’re all grown onsite, right here. Just out back, actually. Did you want to see?

OK, come on through. Don’t mind the mess, sorry, I’ll clear this up eventually. Just through this door, mind your head.

So here it is. Quite a site, huh? The little ones are barely showing their spikes through the floor, but you can see further back we’ve got some pretty hefty ones poking out of the ground, and further down the line some are starting to break the ground and float away. Oh, we string ‘em all months in advance, don’t worry. Jemima will be here somewhere, picking the ones that are free so we can weigh them and set them up in the shop.

Back through to the shop? Sure, mind your head again.

Why? I’m not rightly sure. I started carrying mine sometime after Mary left; just felt a bit more comfortable at nights, y’know? But I’ve seen all sorts.

I saw this sweet young couple come down here a long time ago, bought a real small one for their wedding day. I saw ‘em again a while later; they took real good care of it, and it multiplied nicely. They got strings all over ‘emselves now to keep them all down. But it keeps ‘em busy, and keeps ‘em together these days, last I heard.

I saw a man come down here once, said he was picking one up for his son, just turnin’ sixteen. Personally I reckon sixteen’s too young to be carin’ for a full grown, but hey, to each their own.

There was a fella in here just yesterday with his daughter. Just eleven years old. Oh? Hah, no! Don’t worry friend, he weren’t buying for her! Nah, he just wanted to trade in his little one for a bigger beastie; something wrong at home I’d guess. Wasn’t happy with anything I showed him, right til he saw a monster that grew too huge that we had to chain up out back. He left the girl in the car and bought it on the spot. Flew away with it the second we loosed the chain. He seemed pretty alright with the situation.

Eventually the little girl bought one of her own and drove her daddy’s car home. I don’t even wanna know, friend.

But hey, nuff of the past. Why’re you looking to buy today? Something gotcha down? Someone you miss? Well I got all sorts. C’mon, take a look over here, I’m sure we can find one that’s a good fit for you.