**Reports just coming in say there is a hostage situation at Riverside Bank, 2 gunmen are holding 12 hostages. According to police, they are not responding to communication or issuing demands, more as this develops.**


Big Trouble for Little Riverside – Three More Houses Burned in Mysterious Arson Attacks


**This just in – a shootout between rival gangs near Sweet View High has left 2 dead and many injured…**


***This is a personal safety announcement. All residents of Pentabrook street between 4th and 7th are advised to evacuate immediately, a dangerous spill has…***


**No suspect has yet been named. The victim’s family has requested that…**


27 Dead in Felt Street Bombing, Suspects at Large


**Reports say they stole only a single painting, though both guards present at the scene are still in critical condition at…**


**He killed 5 people before…**


***This is a personal safety announcement.***


7 Killed in Brutal Massacre


**No witnesses survived, and…**


**12 victims were…**


**2 dead in awful…**


**Random act of arson on…**


**No survivors…**


‘No more.’


**”No More”, the mysterious calling card left at the scene where 3 armed robbers were left tied up and awaiting police arrival. Early reports suggest no civilians were injured. More, after…**


“No More” Heroes? Attempted Arson Thwarted, No Casualties


***This is a personal safety announcement. Please be aware, vigilantism is illegal, and an arrestable offence***


Who Is No More? Vigilante Hero Stops Attempted Robbery


21 People Who Might be No More! #12 Will Shock You!


-I dnt get it. why is this no more guy leaving these criminals alive, hes wasting his time #dumbheroes-


**…and after the bomb was found defused, a figure was seen running from the scene. The figure was seen leaping from the scene, the 14th floor of Olster Tower, but no body was found below. Could this be No More?**


*Confirmed! No More Is a Legit Superhero!*


-ugh, clearly this is some bullshit marketing stunt. Why do they even bother-


Check Out These No More Parodies on Twitter, Could One of Them Be Real?


**…found dead in a supermarket, witnesses say he was shot by a masked assailant.**


Cleanup in Aisle 3 – Where Was No More?


-if we can be shot when were shopping whats the point. #NoMorenomore-


**…and all the hostages have now been freed and returned to their families.**


Killers Killed! Vigilante Kills Gunmen in Failed Bank Heist.


-woah, no more is back wiv style, hell yeah bro, kill em all!-


**The man was found hanging from his own whip. Police are suggesting this was the work of No More**


No More Wipes Out Child Slavery Ring, No Survivors!


Would No More Kill You? Take This Test To Find Out!


-Why is every1 automatically assuming No More is a dude? Yeesh.-


**We’re here today with Jeromy Hatch, one of the victims of the recent Westerbank heist. He claims after No More killed the gunmen, he had a personal revelation, and has now…**


A Vote For Hatch is a Vote For Freedom


-is that hatch guy really running for government? lol, glhf I guess-


Hatch Blasts Polls! Could This Be A 3 Party Fight?


**That’s right Jane, thank you. And without No More, I would never have had the initiative to stand in…**


Hatch Wins, Borders Close.


Will You Be Deported? Take Our New Quiz!

**Reports are coming in that a bomb has detonated in the projects. The estimate casualty rate is already…**


**17 were killed last night as Pentabrook Shelter was attacked by…**


Who Watched? No More Has Disappeared, Crime Rates Back Up


-well good riddance. Only peeple who were born here. #independance-


Labour Camps In All Major Cities Give New Options For Foreigners


**When we got to the gates, our reporter was not allowed access. What happens behind the iron fence?**


Where Is No More? 7 Dead In High Street Massacre.


-Hey guys! The latest episode is up tonight…I still can’t believe what I saw. Check it out!-


**The scheduled episode of Tina Investigates has been cancelled and will not be aired. All involved have been arrested. No further details can be released at this time.**


‘No More.’


**And what’s more, all the murdered city watch were holding a card with last year’s most popular hashtag, No More! Is the hero back, now a villain?**


Hero Returns, Kills The Good Guys


-didnt this happn in a movie? What is even happening guyz-


***This is a public safety announcement. Anyone using the phrase will be shot on sight.***


No More Takes To The Streets, Takes Down Overwatch Captain Rogers


-guys, meet behind the fast food place on 6th, I got an idea-


Hatch Monument Burns Down, No More Blamed


**All of King Hatch’s personal guard were found dead. The famous No More calling card was found at the scene, but even more interestingly…**


‘One More’ Calling Card, What Could It Mean?


***This is a public safety announcement. Gatherings of more than 10 people are no longer permitted, and will be met with immediate fatal consequences. The curfew is still in effect.***


**And that’s all for tonight, thanks for tuning in. Now Bob? Ok, dear viewers, this will be our last broadcast. Everyone who remembers, meet at the King Street Monument. It’s time for change. Who the hell are you? I’m afraid I wont be there, but you should! It time for-**


***This is a public safety announcement. Anyone seen loitering on King Street will be shot on sight.***


-Hey, everyone’s in yeah? #ImIn-








-We outnumber your bullets, fucker. #ImIn-


-It’s time. Let’s go, everyone. #ImIn-


@NoMore: ‘One More. #ImIn’


Dictator Dethroned, What’s Next?


**And some are concerned! Our borders are open once more, yes. But how can we prevent…**


-its gonna be ok yall. well be ok. remember hatch was the bad guy, yeah?-


**It seems the country has finally stabilised after the King Street Rebellion, now come the questions of how we move forward.**


-It’s a new age. Let’s make sure we do better this time. Remember, #WeWereAllIn-


**It’s been almost a year since anyone heard from or saw No More. Some saw him as a vigilante menace, others the hero we needed. What do you think, Martha?**