The sun is but a phoenix egg,
burning through gestation.
One day, we’ll see it hatch,
and all will be darkness.
Where have you been?

Giants exist; away in the forests.
They are grand beasts; kind too.
But you must never offer a giant
a piggy back ride. They know.
Why did you go?

I have seen the drowned city,
lost far beneath the ocean.
The streets are gold and green,
wealth and mould a-plenty!
Do you even know my name?

I’ve met a man who never dies!
Cursed, he walks the Earth,
eternally paying a debt
he does not remember earning.
Do you ever miss us?

There is a jester, a foolish man.
Who left these lands too soon.
He does not recognise his deeds,
and cannot reconcile his mind.
Are you ever coming home?