This world’s a dark place,
with bad men, cold hearts,
and ever such awful things.
But I’m here for you.

From the moment we meet,
to the moment I must go,
those thund’rous clouds
will never threaten you.

When words are hard,
and soft places absent.
When you can’t find, or don’t know
how to make the words yet.

When bigger beasts call you names,
and their words cut too deep,
run home, run home.
You’ll always be bigger.

When the simple things a-wander,
and you’re lost in new doubts,
don’t fear misunderstanding,
I’ve words of guidance ready.

If the pressures of this heavy life,
and the burdens are at their worst,
fear not, fear not.
Warmth and reassurances abound.

When sticks and stones and cruelties
are the least of your concerns,
I’ll be there. I’ll be there.
I’ll protect you when you need.

And when your boots are too small,
and you find your pastures new,
you’re safe in my thoughts,
and I’m a phone’s-bredth away.

When the working days
and heart-fraught nights
never seem to relent,
I’ll be a shoulder.

When my dying shadow looms,
and I must breath my last,
cry not, cry not.
I’ll watch over you anon.