Hello, dear friend, I’m so sorry
to see you in this night.
A dawning is coming, I’m sure.
Until then, we are morningless.

Would you sit with me a moment?
Forget your troubles, only briefly,
and gaze upon our brilliant stars.
They shine so far away.

How long have you been here, friend?
I’m so sorry I didn’t see you sooner.
I’ll try harder, next time, I swear;
if you’re ever caught again in midnight.

Don’t give up hope, not yet.
The sun does rise, eventually.
Please, if you give up hope now
you’ll never see sunlight again.

I’ve known this place so long,
sometimes in this place I forget
the warmth that morning brings.
But warmth will come anon.

We’ve both been here too long,
but I’m not ready to lose ourselves.
Stay with me, and shine a little,
while we share the wait for sunrise.