My heart has ached for you so long,
a yonder yearning in my soul
fonder grows your reflection on me,
laughing, our petty tribulations.

Our first meeting, I felt you wrapping
lace around my heart and, tenderly,
crush the air and diffuse your majesty,
this love is nebulous, and old.

A single glimpse of your sweet strange face,
maddened me with lingering imperfection.
You are further now, but our love
binds the world like warped cord.

Oh, the fun we had. We would laugh,
and laugh, and laugh, and laugh,
unwilling, unable, to clear the
gaping, stretched grins we bore.

Our love is old. So old, we have loved
since the very beginning. Our love
is stretched across eons, there
will be no end to our kinship.

We will last long before I was born,
and long after I have paid the dowry
of my flesh to further your great majesty.
Arise, sweet love, the ceremony awaits.