I am not a human
is what they said to me.
For who and when I love,
is no longer up to me.

You are not a person,
they tell me every day.
“Change and you’ll be one of us.”
But I know no other way.

The way you are is wrong.
Then why does it feel so right?
Why should it matter to you,
who I am with at night?

You are an abomination,
a thing below us above.
It’s sad that you can find hate,
in a feeling of untarnished love.

The way are is unholy,
just think of your poor mother!
I think she’d be quite proud,
that I can love another.

If being a human being
is a hateful thing to do,
Then I have no desire,
to share my species with you.

So I leave this race to you,
so enjoy it and all of its strife.
I’ll not be bothered with labels,
instead I’ll just live my life.