There a storm brewing, I’m sure of that.
The sky is filling with black and blue.
It has rained a little this year, on and off
But the sky is ready to crack asunder.

Then…a respite. There is no storm tonight
the sky lightens and there is no ruin here.
I am allowed outside, my house is safe
and the people are all happy.

Then it cracks.
The sky bursts,
the world is broken
in two and more.

The storm worsens
still breaking all
that dare cross
the ruinous path.

I’m thrown left
and thrown right.
Tossed between forces
I’ll never comprehend.

The house I thought stable
falls to the ground,
splinters and rubble
all that remain.

This crack in the sky
brought only desolation.
But when the storm is over,
will anything remain?