Look. Look at what I’ve become,
but please, stop staring.
Glare through rose-tinted jade,
and please just look at me.

Touch me. Feel my skin,
but stop; we’re fools to motion.
Sell away your right to feel,
and touch me once again.

Listen, let’s put it into words.
Ignore our alternation, feel
barbed streams of altercation,
and face the music with me.

Consider, wonder at every action.
Plan well your spontaneity.
Forget what tomorrow brings,
and help me forget the future.

Love me, like subtle changing urges.
We fell for a storefront mannequin;
changing every season.
Please god just love me.

Remember me, when I am not myself.
Our own laws forgo sentiment,
for scientific penitence.
Should I disappear, remember me again.