Wake up
Eat, eat, sleep,
scream for what you’re not yet
and haven’t been given.

Crawl and find new legs,
sob in your own arms now,
eat, sleep, be fearful, stop
and catch fire. Sleep.

Carry on, walk a step or two.
Eat, sleep, fuck, sleep some more.
That’s what we do, what we do,
all you’ll ever do.

Live a little, try something new.
Live for the thing that kills you,
revel in whatever the hell you are.
Sleep when you’re dead.

Stop, just stop caring.
They eat, and sleep, and fuck.
You’re too good, too tall
too old now.

When did that happen?
Don’t worry, don’t care.
Stop living a little,
live what little you can.

Stop, not because you want,
or because you need to stop.
Stop, because that’s it,
there’s nothing else to do now.