Take it in, the yellow bottle
Gazing back at you,
upon the shelf
Will you touch it?

Inside it ebbs and flows,
slothlike and unsure,
time is slowed for this,
the household poison,
Wrapped up like candy cleaner.

Your nose moves closer,
The scent of corrupt lemon,
and hateful barley water.
The dark stench fills your nose,
you wretch and recoil.

Pour it out, into the glass
The glugging sound of time
gone by in an instant, taking forever.
Splash, a drop touches your skin,
The first.

It stings, just slightly,
your dry, cracked skin.
Curl your lips and laugh,
The yellow bubbles hate you,
you know?

Will you taste it?
Bring it up, senses filled,
The smell, the sight, the sound
of death. Will you taste it?