Alright, this is a dance for 2 people.
2 people.
everyone grab a partner.

Grab a partner,
sure, of course.
Grab a partner,
like it’s that easy.

Oh, perhaps it is.

Take your partner’s hand folks
step forward twice
Your left, your right
Back to the start!

Step, step,
always taking steps.
Step together,
step away.
Rinse, rinse, repeat.

Face your partner, that’s right
look ‘em in the eye!

Mirror, mirror,
cruel reflection.
You aren’t what you were.
You aren’t?
We weren’t?
Am I at all?

Was I ever?

Spin your partner,
round ‘n round!
Spin ‘em all about!

Spinning, spinning,
all around. Everything
but me.

Hurricane, hurricane,
carry me away.
You can’t, you won’t,
you did.

Grab ‘em now,
ballroom hold!
Just keep on whizzin’ by!

Keep going,
just keep going.
We’ll just keep going,
for sure.
Don’t let go,
don’t fall away,
I’m slipping,
how far will we fly
if we separate now?

One! More! Time!

No more.

I’m done, dear friend.

Let me have my sleep.