How long has this been happening?
You really should have come sooner.
Well, I guess we’ll just have to see
what I can do for you.

These pills will make you happy,
and this candy makes you sad.
Try to keep a happy balance,
between living and regretting.

This will make it all go away,
for an hour or two, at least.
What? No, just one a day.
You’ll just have to cope with the rest.

Take a few of these, why not?
This one fixes, but burns,
this one brings the burning in check.
This one tastes rather fine.

I have other people to see, you know;
Does your heart hurt as bad
as Mr. Pink’s kidney failure?
I didn’t think so.

Fine. Of course I’ve been listening.
Three of these a day, to bring you up,
and four of these to keep you afloat.
Six of these keep the others in check.

What? Of course not, don’t be stupid.
Trust me, they’re all the rage these days.
And you’ll take them, as recommended;
you do want to be normal, don’t you?