You can buy anything you want, down at the market.

Apples and pears, a bunch of bananas? There’s a pile of carrots here brighter than morning. Fruit and veg a plenty, down at the market.

Walnuts and cashews, and bright green lettuce; a bunch of beets as bright as your true love’s cheeks!

You can buy anything you want, down at the market.

Trust me, we can sort you out. Tell me, what’s on your list?

A cut of good beef? Not a problem. Joints of lamb, and a leg a ham, slices of any variety!

How would you like it? Smoked, fried, bloody raw? We can give it a go, if you know what you’d like.

You can buy anything you want, down at the market.

Come now, let’s finish this list.

Woodwork and waxwork, chemists and criers. There’s every trader you’d want here!

Twelve candles, no problem, here’s a box of sixteen.

A breadbox the size of your head! Well, someone’s. A wicker hamper for clothing, jars good for pickling, and chemicals to keep you in check.

You can buy anything you want, down at the market.

Here, a musician. For a penny a day, he’ll play while you work. No questions asked, and he’s blind of course. He’s very good, given his circumstances.

Here’s a man who can fix the wheels on cars, or cut the breaks from an engine. Here’s a fellow with wire and string. Best not to ask where he got those things.

But I’ll tell you, he got them from down at the market!

A person with a hatchet makes most problems easier, and this man can cook up a storm if you need one. Here, my friend, what better way to clear your house of too much meat, than to cook it into delicious pies?

You can buy anything you want, down at the market.

Such clean clothes you wear; have you met our tailor? He does ever so fine suits, in such particular sizes. Or perhaps you know an especially good cleaner? They can get all sorts of stains out these days.

Or perhaps you simply don’t get dirty; dull, but we take the lives we are given. I know an adder, who’ll calculate just how much a human skin would weigh when removed. There’s a glassman who’ll make a jar that holds it well, too.

If you like to be clean, well oh what a day, we have so many people to help you. A cleaner, for peoples and rooms. A man who’ll do anything; he’s got a long knife, just you tell him where to point it! My, but this market sells everything!

While we’re here meet the butcher, who’ll cut any meat, and the baker who can move it discrete. Meet the man who makes candles, from any fat lying around, and the cobbler who does so need new leather!

You can get anything you want, down at the market.