They are at it again. All the minds below are spurred to life by Sun’s warm glow.

Glenda is surrounded by her friends. They all mill around, engaged in their own lives, but they have congregated around her. She is so very happy when surrounded by those she loves, and their presence causes her to sing, louder and louder as more arrive to hear her.

Richard is scared. He is bathed in light, and he is so very, very visible. He finds himself in the middle of a wide open field, with nowhere to hide. He begins to run, faster and faster, fleeing the light that even now is soaking into his skin. He stumbles into a corn field, and relaxes in the shadow of the high crop. Light still trickles through, and though his fear is lessened he marches on, slower now. Through the corn he walks, seeking deeper shelter.
Out of the corn field, he is horrified to find himself awash in sunlight once more! Dissatisfied with his temporary shelter, he runs through the light, desperately seeking darker lodgings. Finally, he finds himself in a great cave, where he runs deeper and deeper. The further he goes, less of the light shines, and he wanders more sluggishly. Finally he finds himself in pitch blackness, and lays down to sleep.

Martha is feeling adventurous today. As Sun’s warm rays begin to blanket the forest, she begins to meander between the trees. She wanders aimlessly, enjoying the dim glow on her skin; jogging comfortably in the morning light. Too soon, Sun sits high in the sky and Martha slows, exhausted by the warm glow. She soon exits the forest, and finds herself bathed in golden light, and the full light of Sun baking her. She happily lies down, napping while it is warm. She will not awake until Sun’s light lessens.

Daphne is running. She flies past all, through a forest, across a desert, skims across a shallow sea. She slows temporarily to admire another mind a great distance away, before she loses sight of it and runs fast yet again.
In front of her, she sees Glenda, singing happily. She keeps running, but slows as Glenda grows greater in her vision. In turn, Glenda sings louder as Daphne approaches, happy to have a greater audience for her song. Daphne slows to a bare walk, as she slowly passes Glenda. Eventually though she passes the singer, and begins to speed up once again, faster and faster until Glenda’s song is lost altogether. Daphne keeps running, on and on. She won’t stop until she crashes into another mind, and finally rests, content to investigate the stranger.

Sun is aglow with emotion. He sees all these active minds below, and knows his work is appreciated. Some run from his light, while others chase it; some pay no attention to it even as it charges them for another day. As the minds below grow more active in his brightening light, he can’t help but grow brighter, spurring greater action from all the beautiful minds, unaware of his happy machinations. As they settle, finding places of absolute contentment, he grows tired, and loses his motivation. Eventually he will lose the will to glow altogether, and will not shine again until his friends below are again in need of the energy he so willingly provides.

Glenda is motivated by the minds around her. Glenda is the embodiment of Charisma.

Richard knows only to run from light, his flight controlled by the amount of light on his skin. All he knows is Fear.

Martha’s only desire is light. She will chase light, moving faster the more light touches her. She is a mind of Adventure.

Daphne runs when she is not near others, and is happily stilled when other minds are near. She is Curiosity incarnate.

Sun shines the brightest when he is needed, and appreciated. The more using his power, the more active below him, the brighter he will shine. He is Charity, manifest.

Some have argued that these simple beings are not truly minds, for their focus is so absolute. In that case, I can but wonder; what do the minds think?