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Defining Subgenres

How can you define a subgenre of fantasy? High fantasy is often described as being set in a fantasy world, and then by the stature of the main cast of the plot. This barely separates it from “Dark fantasy”: typically also associated with a fantasy world, and thus the only differentiation is the style and […]

In Search of a Scary Old Man

We all make assumptions. Every time we imagine the face behind a voice, or the taste of food in a picture, we’re making an assumption. Assumptions on their own aren’t a bad thing. Forcing our assumptions on others, or refusing to believe in something that doesn’t match our assumptions can be more of problem. But […]

What is There to Say?

I haven’t posted or spoken about Orlando in any way after the horrifying events this week. I haven’t said names like Miguel Honorato, or Deonka Drayton. I haven’t written about gun control, or media representations of minority communities. I’ve not said anything.


The Words We Use

The English language is limited. Well, language itself is inherently limited, because an unlimited language would make communication rather difficult. So, by necessity, a writer will reuse words. I think it is the words we choose to reuse that create the most telling picture of our work. With the recent release of my book, The […]


The Joy and Terror of NaNoWriMo

Hi all, As you may notice, this blogging thing is a new fixture on Fort Knight’s Tale. It would seem I decided that writing poetry and short stories on a weekly basis, while keeping up with work commitments and the like, was taking it far too easy. So on that note, commence the blogging!